Histronic Personality Disorder (HPD)

This post is to create awareness about other forms of mental disorders that can be diagnosed other than “psychosis”. The general layman ‘s believe is that one has to be saying strange things or start walking about naked before he/she can be diagnosed has having mental health issues. This is so not true!.

There are subtle forms of mental health issues that people relate to daily under disguise of various terms like..: He/she just have a different believe… He/she is just a “strong” personality…He/she is just “temperamental”. How then do you recognize when being different is a sign of “you need help”. Today we will share awareness on the signs of Histronic Personality Disorder.

A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behaviour that deviates from the culturally acceptable norms of the affected individual. The word “deviates” already indicating that it’s now “abnormal” which is why it is now termed a “disorder”. Otherwise an individual may just have features or traits of a particular personality but not necessarily a disorder since there is no “deviation”.

This “deviation” is seen in the following aspect of the affected individual ‘s life:

1. The cognition – thinking pattern.

2. The affect – the person s observed emotion.

3. Interpersonal functioning – relationships with others.

4. Impulse control/ reactions.

There are various types of personality traits/personality disorders, the focus today is on just one of them which is the Histronic personality disorder.

What then is Histronic Personality Disorder (HBP)? This is a mental health disorder characterized by a prevailing pattern of excess attention seeking behaviour, inappropriately seductive/provocative behaviour with an excessive need for approval. The characteristics/signs are highlighted below:

1. There is a high need for attention hence the need to create unnecessary drama.

2. Unnecessary need to make loud and inappropriate appearances.

3. Exaggerated emotions/behaviour which happens if they are ignored/ denied center of attention.

4. They are seen as “role players” either playing “victim card” or “princess/queen” (commoner in women actually).

5. They have difficulty achieving emotional intimacy in romantic/sexual relationships because they seek to control their partners through emotional manipulations.

6.Impaired same sex relationship because they see “new friends”/ even work colleagues as threats.

7. They fail to see their own personal situation realistically but instead dramatize and exaggerate difficulties .

8. This affects their ability to cope with loses/failures.

9. Affects the individual’s social/occupational/romantic life.

10. Eventually leads to alienation from friends/families who have to cope with excess demand for constant attention. If they are not given this attention they become upset and even depressed (weepy spells) just to get that attention at all cost.

An individual dealing with all these with no help or insight can degenerate further to become psychotic (a state where the individual looses touch with reality). It does not have to get to this point… Remember, help is readily available just be brave enough to seek/ask the right people. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COPE WITH ALL THESE ALONE. #MentalHealthIssuesAreReal. #HelpIsAvailable. #SeeAShrinkToday.


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